Wuxi langyi engineering machinery Co., LTD. Mainly produces scaffolding series products and asphalt off-barrel heating series products. Scaffolding series of products are gate scaffolding , ladder scaffolding,ringlock scaffolding,cuplock scaffolding, mini scaffolding ,multi-function scaffolding, quicklock scaffolding and scaffolding accessories. Asphalt off-barrel heating series products are asphalt off-barrel equipment, asphalt heating tank,heat conduction oil heating furnace, emulsified asphalt equipment, modified asphalt equipment, asphalt concrete mixing station and so on. Our company has a group of many years’scaffolding and take off the barrel heating equipment of asphalt development, design of professional technical personnel and a lot of advanced manufacturing processing equipm..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Zhou (Mr.)
    Tel: 86-0510-85264858,85261658,85430108
    Fax: 86-0510-85261658
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